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Portland Creative Conference Reviews

For the past 3 years we have surveyed attendees of the Portland Creative Conference right after the event, asking them to review / rate the conference and to provide feedback to help us make each year better than the last.  A total of 246 people have responded to these surveys (63 in 2015, 87 in 2016 and 96 in 2017).

Based on the results detailed below, clearly we are doing something right…

For this post we focused on the two most important questions in the survey:

  1. How would you rate the event?
  2. How likely is it that you would recommend next year’s Portland Creative Conference to a friend or colleague?

Results for Question 1: How would you rate the event?

Portland Creative Conference ratings

The possible responses were:

* Excellent

* Very Good

* Good

* Mildly Good

* Not Good

Across all 3 years, a vast majority of 86% rated the event as either Excellent (48%) or Very Good (38%).  The majority of the rest, 12%, rated it as Good.


98% of survey respondents across 2015, 2016 and 2017 rated the event as either Excellent, Very Good or Good.


Results for Question 2: How likely is it that you would recommend next year’s Portland Creative Conference to a friend or colleague?

Portland Creative Conference reviewsThe possible responses were:

* Extremely Likely

* Very Likely

* Likely

* Slightly Likely

* Not at all likely

Across all 3 years, 91% of survey respondents said they were either Extremely Likely (49%), Very Likely (28%) or Likely (14%) to recommend the event.


Over 90% of attendees said they would recommend the event to a friend or colleague.


If you are interested in more social proof for the Portland Creative Conference, take a look at the testimonials from 2017 attendees.

We hope this information helps you to decide to attend the 2018 Portland Creative Conference.






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