2017 Attendee Testimonials - Cre8con - Portland Creative Conference

Attendee Testimonials from 2017

With an unconventional event like the Portland Creative Conference, it’s often a challenge to express in a short marketing sound bite what the experience of attending truly feels like because it is an experience like no other event for creative industries professionals.

However, out attendees do a great job of it, so we posted over 17 example testimonials from 2017 here on our website.

Here are just a few examples:

What an inspiring event! Thank you, Portland Creative Conference. You have made a safe space for all creatives, big and small, to come and be our artsy, complicated selves. Bravo! I will make this a yearly tradition from here on out!  — Robin Carter, Senior Brand & Creative Services Manager @ First Tech Federal Credit Union


I brought a big group this year from the agency where I work, and we all had a terrific time. More importantly, we all were inspired in different ways according to our own creative processes. The speakers are wonderful and varied, the music is original and fantastic, and, as always, the after-party is a blast.  — Donald Carson, Content Director @ Citizen, Inc. (agency)


Creativity is the at the heart of what drives us at people, what moves our culture, what makes brands excel. And yet we often only pay the most superficial attention to what a key ingredient creativity is. The creative conference talks to the very heart of it. At the conference, I heard people speak to their own processes in ways I could identify with, in ways I’ve never thought of. The conference created a picture of creativity that was much more robust and colorful than I previously imagined.  — Zach Snyder, Product Graphic Design Manager @ Icebreaker Clothing

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