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Agencies rave about the 2016 Portland Creative Conference

We were thrilled to see that several Portland-area agencies sent teams of people to the 2016 Portland Creative Conference.  It seems like the feeling is mutual based on how several agency attendees raved about the event.

Here are some examples:

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From Veracity…

Lines Between Art and Entrepreneurialism Blur at the Portland Creative Conference

From Speak!…

Nothing Feeds Creativity Like Creativity at #Cre8con2016



There’s no other conference like it. Learning about the struggles and successes of creative people gives me ideas for my own process which I start implementing right away. And to top it off, the after-party is always amazing!

Donald Carson, +Citizen

A few of my key take-aways: Find the process that works for you and stick to it. Have perseverance and resilience — it’s not usually an easy or smooth process.

Jeanne Turner, Walmart Labs

The Portland Creative Conference was great! An inspirational day filled with diverse speakers who shared their personal stories, creative process, and vision.  I came away feeling re-invigorated and ready to jump into my next creative project with enthusiasm.

Amanda Cilek, Gambit PDX

It didn’t take much for six of us at Speak! to ditch the office and take part in this year’s Portland Creative Conference. What a treat. And what a payoff. Like last year, we were quickly humbled by listening to one brilliant mind after the next.

Speak! Agency

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