Attendee Evaluation Results 2015 Cre8con - Portland Creative Conference

Positive Attendee Evaluation Results from 2015 Conference

The audience really enjoyed the 2015 Portland Creative Conference based on the results of a post-event evaluation survey that 62 attendees responded to.

Here are some of the highlights from the evaluation:

  • 95% of respondents said they are “Extremely Likely”,  “Very Likely”, or “Likely” to  recommend next year’s event to friends or colleagues.
  • 86% of respondents rated the event as either “Excellent” or “Very Good”.  The rest (14%) rated it as “Good”.
  • 64% of respondents thought the event would “Definitely” or “Most Likely” be good for their team at work to attend together.



Here are just a few of the testimonials that we received in the survey responses:


Inspirational. Perfect for sparking flame of creativity, which often gets blown out in the day to day business of work.

— Erika Reesor, Senior Graphic Designer,  Fiskars Brands, Inc. / Gerber Gear


The 2015 Portland Creative Conference delivered on its mission to challenge us with excellent, inspiring presentations.  The speakers were from wonderfully varied backgrounds and uniformly engaging and talented and open to the audience.

— Elaine Spooner, 20th Century Fox Television


The Creative Conference is proof that you can gain inspiration from just about anywhere or anyone! There was such a wide range of speakers, all with different creative backgrounds but the single line of truth was that we all seek phenomenal creativity and inspiration but experience it in different ways. This idea is a common thread in our life as artists and creative professionals. I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope to return year after year.

— Kama Solevad, Senior Designer, WEO Media


This was my first time attending and I was blown away. I came away inspired, refreshed and entertained. This is a great event for all creative types – art, graphics, film/video, music, theater, writing and everything in between. It’s wonderful to see all the amazing work out there and hear everyone’s story.

— Jilayne Jordan, Communications Specialist, City of Vancouver


This was a conference packed with kindred creatives, some out of the gate, many on the road to success, others who had achieved great success and were refreshingly accessible to conference attendees. I left energized and grateful   for a conference of this caliber that drew so many amazing people.

— Connie Kirk, Actors in Action


I’m so glad that the PCC has been reincarnated! I wasn’t around for its first life, but I was really blown away by the depth and variety of speakers, as well as the overall presentation.

— Whit Gurley, Owner, Angled End Identities / Founder, Fluid Design


For those of us in the creative services industry, this is a fabulous chance to experience diverse stories about the creative process to stimulate our own thinking in new directions.

— Doug Freeman, Researcher/Analyst/Writer, Imaginexxus LLC


The Portland Creative Conference is an oasis. It’s so refreshing to be able to spend a day soaking up inspiration through the stories of others. I loved the energy of the speakers and the audience, and the wide variety of disciplines represented–writers, artists, performers, and creative thinkers of all stripes.

— Matt Sailor, Senior Writer & Editor, AHA! Agency


Amazing amount of experience and brain power all in one place. Can’t beat it.

— Philip Mandel


Attendees at 2015 Portland Creative Conference

Attendees enjoying the 2015 Portland Creative Conference

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