2019 Cre8con Workshop - XPLANE: Change Behavior Through Drawing

XPLANE: Change Behavior Through Drawing

In this workshop, Change Behavior Through Drawing, you will first learn tools and techniques that can be applied for visual recording and visual facilitation.  You will then learn how to solve organizational challenges using visual facilitation. XPLANE creative director Tim May will outline some key activities and frameworks that can be used to better understand the audience, how they make decisions, and how they achieve their goals. Participants will leave with visual tools they can immediately apply to help empathize with their audience, solve organizational challenges, collaborate, and work smarter together. Be prepared to draw, learn, move, empathize, synthesize, and collaborate.

The workshop will include a series of connected exercises that will simplify the process of visual recording, including building blocks, hacks and hints that will give people––ranging from those with limited drawing experience to skilled artists––a push to start capturing information visually. From capturing objects, to people, to interactions, participants will quickly build a visual vocabulary that will allow them to better represent, interpret, and share ideas.


DATE: Saturday, 09-28-19

TIME: 9:30am – 11:30am

COST: $40

LOCATION: Wacom Experience Center,1455 NW Irving Street, Suite 100


Tim May - XPLANE
Tim May - XPLANE