2019 Cre8con Workshop – Jeff Gomez: Blockbuster Story Development

Jeff Gomez: Blockbuster Story World Development for your Brand, Company, or Fiction

In this exclusive workshop opportunity, Jeff Gomez the world’s leading producer of blockbuster story worlds, will introduce you to the process of creating powerful narratives that emotionally engage your audience, inviting them to become fans and advocates across multiple media platforms.

As a transmedia producer, Jeff has worked directly with franchise visionaries on such properties as Pirates of the Caribbean (Disney), Avatar (Fox), Halo (343 Studios), and Transformers (Hasbro). He co-created the story worlds of Magic: The Gathering (Wizards of the Coast), Hot Wheels: World Race (Mattel), and Happiness Factory (Coca-Cola).

Originating in publishing, films, and video games, the idea of a narrative universe that conveys compelling messages, themes and storylines across multiple media is now being adopted by corporations, digital agencies, and political movements around the world. In entertainment we see story worlds in franchises such as Star Wars, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Harry Potter. Companies such as Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Spotify have successfully formed and leveraged their story worlds.

Big brands, celebrities, and geopolitical movements engage in story world-building and narrative warfare. Story worlds are also being tapped for the emerging multibillion-dollar immersive entertainment industry. Jeff’s immersive narrative design work has impacted Disney Parks & Resorts areas such as Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and Pandora: The World of Avatar.

Using real-world case studies, combined with candid in-depth Q&A, Jeff will show you how his company Starlight Runner creates original story worlds, and what goes into innovating and improving established entertainment and brand narratives. He will also illustrate how many of these techniques are scalable and can be adapted for smaller businesses and independent projects. As a personal story world coach, he will explain how he shapes personal careers in entertainment and the arts.


DATE: Saturday, 09-28-19

TIME: 9:00am – 1:00pm

COST: $199

LOCATION: OSU Portland Center, 555 SW Morrison Street, Suite 2100, Portland, OR 97204


Jeff Gomez in Time Square
Jeff Gomez - Starlight Runner Entertainment
Jeff Gomez - 2019 Cre8con Portland Creative Conference Speaker
Jeff Gomez - Starlight Runner Entertainment