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Testimonials from the 2016 Portland Creative Conference

Fantastic curation of talented speakers who shared from the heart, and approached the subject matter with a blend of empathy, cogent observations, and deep dedication to their chosen craft / profession. The setting inside a beautiful, impeccably re-crafted Portland landmark adds to the quality of the conference.

Jeff Skoke
Seven On The Line

This was my first time attending, and even hearing about, the PCC. I was blown away in every sense possible. The speakers were so diverse in their career, backgrounds and expertise. They each brought a unique and thoughtful story to their life’s work and passions in the creative world. Their willingness to make themselves approachable to all of us was commendable and appreciated. I learned so many tangible tips and advice as well as gained an insider viewpoint into their lifestyles and their struggles and triumphs and the journey they each took to get where they are now. My experience meeting fellow attendees and making connections will not only further my creative business, but I was emotionally and mentally uplifted and inspired to do better and achieve greatness in my future. The after party was fun and casual and I couldn’t have asked for a better event. I will DEFINITELY be attending next year, inviting friends, and hopefully behind the scenes helping contribute to another successful event. Thank you!

Katrina Owens
John Tees Shirts

By bringing together these great minds from such diverse industries, I was able to see that no matter what you’re working on, the essentials to the creative process are really not much different: be true to yourself, don’t be afraid to take risks, and do what feels right.

Kyle Richardson
Standard Insurance Company

There’s no other conference like it. Learning about the struggles and successes of creative people gives me ideas for my own process which I start implementing right away. And to top it off, the after-party is always amazing!


It doesn’t matter what line of work you’re in or where you’re at in life, this conference is for everyone. You WILL take away something that you can utilize immediately. Motivation and inspiration can come from diverse sources, don’t miss an opportunity to grow. You never discover what this conference has in store for you until you experience it for yourself.

Zack Gallinger-Long
What's Up This Weekend

A few of my key take-aways: Find the process that works for you and stick to it. Have perseverance and resilience — it’s not usually an easy or smooth process.

Jeanne Turner
Walmart Labs

Every speaker shared several gems of hard-earned wisdom. Lots of sticky ideas I’ve thought about every single day since.

Liz-e Patton
eLearning Developer and Instructional Designer

I moved to Portland two weeks ago and the conference was a rich introduction to the creative community and a guide for who I can be within it. Each speaker was thoughtful and honest. So many wise gems came out of each speaker. Also, I really admire and appreciate that race, gender, and environmental issues were a thread in each presentation in a very natural way. The live music interludes between speaker sets were impressive and a reminder that creativity takes many forms. So refreshing to attend a creative conference instead of a design-specific or marketing-specific conference.

Laura Glazer
Hello Pretty City

The Portland Creative Conference was great! An inspirational day filled with diverse speakers who shared their personal stories, creative process, and vision. I came away feeling re-invigorated and ready to jump into my next creative project with enthusiasm.

Amanda Cilek
Gambit PDX

The Creative Conference to me is a unique and wonderful experience. It not only is packed with inspirational speakers, but also congregates great energy and excellent people from Portland. Prepare yourself for a day of replenishing positive vibes, for speakers with great success and stories, and for the after-party that makes a difference for your network.

David Pan

It was a privilege to be a speaker at the 2016 Portland Creative Conference. The event was outstanding, professionally run, and the audience was enthusiastic and intelligent. I will definitely return!

Paul Guyot
Domestique, inc.

Always an amazing way to spend the day. The variety of speakers offers a great mix of inspiration and energy.

Christine Linder
Chemeketa Community College

The Portland Creative Conference is not a conference you want to miss. It was one of the best conferences I’ve ever attended. The lineup was amazing. I took away something from each of the seven speakers. The organizers did a fantastic job pulling extremely accomplished speakers from different backgrounds and fields. Though everyone was successful, they were also relatable and hilarious. I highly, highly recommend this conference. And I’ve yet to shut up about it.

Kaitlyn Chock
Cambia Health Solutions

This was a very well organized conference with great speakers. I was impressed with caliber of speakers. I also appreciated how honest and real they were.

Stephanie Leet
Alder Productions LLC

I drove four hours from home, not knowing what to expect at this conference. The Portland Creative Conference exceeded any preconceived notion I had about this conference and set a new standard for future conferences I attend. Conferences are few far and between where you leave feeling inspired and empowered to change the world through creative means. Being in a room full of creatives made me feel at home, something that is hard to achieve as a professional. It was the epitome of awesome and I look forward to attending in the future.

Madison Rosenbaum
Mid-Columbia Libraries

The Portland Creative Conference is a truly unique experience that brings together a wide variety of today’s creative thought leaders in an environment that’s both unpredictable and inspiring.

Kari Kohrmann
LANE Realty Works

Portland Creative Conference was a great experience for me. I came as a live artist, and left feeling like a true participant. I got to hear a lot from people I wouldn’t normally get to hear speak, or whose work I admired without the people behind it. It gave me even more respect for the people I work with creatively, and the people who have created the things I love, and it gave me a sense of pride to be working with such great individuals.

Robin Casey