Ronnie Wright (2018) - Cre8con - Portland Creative Conference

Ronnie Wright (2018)

Ronnie Wright - 2018 Portland Creative Conference (Cre8con) speaker

Ronnie Wright

Sr. Footwear Design Director, Nike: Nike by You

I was…

Born and raised in Portland, Ore…  a child of the 60’s. Why is this key…? My parents were afro hippies with soul power and a love for God, creativity and music lol… Thus, I have a spiritual center for love and a huge passion to be creative in music and design.

I have a beautiful wife (April), three beautiful children (Christian, Akoya, and Nicholas), and a dog named Missy!!!! They are my world!!!!

Music is my first love. I grew up singing in my father’s community choir. I wanted to be the drummer! :[  Lol… I am a singer, songwriter, producer. I’ve been blessed to release a collaborative, featuring some of Portland’s best soul singers. The album is entitled Bespeak Love for those who are interested. Lol.. We were blessed to reached #1 on the UK soul charts in 2015.

Design Journey:
I was a doodler who should’ve been studying in grade school. Fortunately, I found Bassist College of Design, where I studied apparel design. Fun times, but I sucked at sewing! On April 1, 1994, I was fortunate to get an apparel design role, working for Peter Moore, at Adidas. I thought someone was playing a giant joke on me. I kept looking over my shoulder throughout the day. Lol… anyways, I left Adi in 2001. My next stop took me to Santa Barbara, where I worked for GBMI. After GBMI came And1. That was a quick stop due to a phone call from the swoosh.

Nike Era:
My journey at Nike started in 2005! I’ve had 11 Design Director roles at Nike. Some jobs were stacked on top of other jobs. Jobs include: NSW Urban, NSW Indie, NSW Urbano, Nike BBall, NAPC, NSW Football, NSW Womens, NSW Core, Jordan, JSW, and Jordan Kids… it’s been a huge blessing to experience what this company has to offer. I’ve had the opportunity to work on some of the biggest projects/products in this company! My network is huge and my experience has been priceless!

I’ve been blessed to mentor and be mentored by phenomenal talented creatives… looking forward to the future.

Be a sponge