Jeff Gomez - Cre8con - Portland Creative Conference - 2019 Speaker

Jeff Gomez

Jeff Gomez - 2019 Cre8con Portland Creative Conference Speaker

Jeff Gomez

Producer, transmedia, story world development, and brand narrative

Jeff Gomez is a leading expert in the fields of brand narrative, story world development, creative franchise design, and transmedia storytelling. He specializes in the expansion of entertainment properties, premium brands, and socio-political themes into highly successful multi-platform communications and international campaigns.

Jeff’s pop culture work has impacted such blockbuster properties as Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland, James Cameron’s Avatar, Hasbro’s Transformers, Sony Pictures’ Spider-Man and Men in Black, Microsoft’s Halo, Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and most recently the global multiplatform revival of Tsuburaya Productions’ Ultraman.

As a producer accredited by the Producers Guild of America, Jeff also develops the story worlds of films, TV shows, videogames, toys, books, comics, apps, immersive entertainment projects, and theme park attractions. This deepens engagement and accelerates the development of participative communities, resulting in mass audience approval, brand loyalty, and increased revenues.

Jeff created or co-created a number of story world franchises that have been successful across and array of media platforms. These include the world of Magic: The Gathering for Wizards of the Coast, Turok, Dinosaur Hunter for Acclaim Entertainment, Happiness Factory for the Coca-Cola Company, and Lucha Underground for Mark Burnett’s One Three Media.

Jeff has also developed highly successful transmedia campaigns and participative brand narratives for Coca-Cola (Happiness Factory), Pepperidge Farm (Goldfish) and Spartan Race. Other current clients include Electronic Arts, Sesame Workshop, Disney Parks & Resorts, World Vision Canada, and BBC Studios.

Jeff’s proprietary transmedia methods have also been applied to educational and geo-political causes, accelerating positive self-organized social movements and increasing resistance to crime, violence, and corruption. Through applications of his Collective Journey and transmedia population activation models, Jeff has helped optimize communications for large non-profits such as World Vision, and address crises in Mexico, Colombia, Australia, and the Middle East North Africa region.